A drone procedure is being developed. Please contact the Office of Trade Compliance with any questions.

This page is under construction.


This section will provide an introduction to drone use at the University of Pittsburgh and lead into the information provided on the subpages below.

University Policy and Scope

This page will cover the University of Pittsburgh drone policy and how it applies to the University community.

Implementing Procedures

This page will cover how the University's drone policy applies to University-directed and other drone flights.

Appropriate and Prohibited Uses

This page will cover how drones can and cannot be used on University of Pittsburgh campuses.

Applicable Laws and Regulations

This page will cover local, state, and federal government drone-related laws and regulations for all University of Pittsburgh campuses.

Drone- and Flight-Related Resources

This page will provide information on FAA drone-related resources, non-governmental drone-related resources, and drone-flying best practices.