University Export Controls Committee

The Senior Vice Chancellor for Research (SVCR) appoints members to the University Export Controls Committee (UECC). Membership of the UECC includes representatives from academic units, Office of University Counsel (OUC), Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), Office of International Services (UCIS), Information Technology (Pitt-IT), the Innovation Institute, the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), Human Resources, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and related business operations from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. The SVCR chairs the UECC.

The UECC serves as an advisory committee to the UECO and SVCR. The function of the UECC is to provide input and advice in matters relating to export controls that arise in the course of University research and non-research operations. The UECC may also be asked to advise the UECO and SVCR on policies, procedures and institutional actions that will strengthen institutional compliance with export controls regulations. In addition, the UECC will advise and assist the UECO in the implementation of programs aimed at:

  • informing the university community on export controls regulations, sanctions and embargoes;
  • implementing a university-wide export controls compliance program;
  • facilitating communication regarding export controls compliance and implementation of procedures with the various constituencies on campus including, but not limited to: the deans, department chairs, center directors, and other central and school based administrative offices; and
  • conveying to constituencies the importance of compliance with the regulations, licenses, and agreed upon procedures, and the penalties for non-compliance. 

The UECC members will be expected to meet not less than annually, and at any other time the SVCR or UECO determines is necessary in order to assist the UECO in matters relating to export controls compliance