License Exceptions & Exemptions Related to Travel Outside the U.S.

Travel or transmissions to destinations outside the U.S. can also implicate export controls regulations. A license may be required depending on which items are taken, which countries are visited, and what activities are planned. However, a license exception or exemption from license requirements may exist. The OTC is the office that advises the University community on the availability and applicability of all export license exceptions. University travelers should only use a license exception in consultation with the OTC. Moreover, the OTC will provide specific guidance related to foreign travel and export controls upon request and also place broad guidance on the export controls webpage.

Any individual intending to travel with or transmit controlled data outside the U.S. must consult with the UECO prior to traveling with or transmitting the data. The UECO will work with the individual to determine appropriate export controls treatment. For audit purposes, all license exceptions shall be documented and a record maintained by the UECO, as well as by the Department/School, for at least five years after the termination of the project or the travel return date.